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Agency for cooperation: elegant air conditioning and Refrigeration Co., Ltd. in 1977 in Hong Kong created in 1991 in Dongguan, Guangdong Province set up branch, is a specializing in the production of central air-conditioning and the corollary equipment of the modern enterprise. Now the annual output of more than 8000 units, products sold at home and abroad. To expand market share, is oriented around the agents.

Agent requirements:

In the area of the largest air conditioning installation or distributor

The country holds effective business and the relevant certificate documents

Good business reputation, financially sound and extensive business network

The geographical position is superior and has ample space and street shop inventory

Rich engineering installation and maintenance experience

Territory: the major provinces and cities.

Two, sales manager (regional)

Release date: 2012-08-30

Industry sales position of Regional Sales Manager

The recruiting department HR recruitment number

Undetermined nature work full-time area

The gender requirements are not limited to the requirements of marriage

Education requirements are not limited to the work experience is not limited

Age 25-40 salary negotiable

Update date 2012-09-12 valid for long term

Job description

1, 25-40 years old, college degree or above, related major is preferred;

2, communication grace that a strong, motivated, have a certain work experience;

3, ability and team spirit is very good;

4 specific objectives of the planning and implementation of a certain desire.

Three, large area sales director

Release time: 2012-08-30

Area Sales Manager for industry sales

Recruitment of the human resources department of the number of recruitment

Undetermined nature work full-time area

Gender is not limited to marriage requires no limit

Require a college degree more than 5 years working experience

Age 25-40 preferential treatment level

2012-09-12 update date is valid until the long-term effective

Job Descriptions

1, 40 years of age, related professional college degree or above, 5 years of relevant working experience or related position for more than 2 years of experience;

2 with rich experience and extensive influence net maintenance and development ability "

The ability and power 3 has a new height receptive to new ideas and challenges of the;

4 has a good market development and team leadership.


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